the 8 best fondue sets of 2016

by:Petolar     2020-10-09
Hot pot: it reminds people of winter nights, skiing trips, eating with friends.
The ultimate option to share the fare, this is the perfect treat to give you warmth this season-
Especially when washing off with wine.
Anyway, who doesn\'t like a pot of melted cheese?
Here we collect the best hot pot packages. 1.
Russell Hobbs electric hot pot MakerIn needs a hot pot to brighten up the social event you\'re having?
Well, you can\'t do better than this Russell Hobbs model;
Its adjustable thermostat, stainless steel bowl (
2 liters capacity)
You can see all six hot pot forks.
46. Amazon, buy it now.
Stylish look, easy-
Rigged ceramic hot pot with thick handle and colorcoded forks (
Eliminate all the potential confusion of others
-Take a shot on this hot pot suit and you won\'t be disappointed.
51. Lakeland, buy it now.
Whether you\'re melting cheese, chocolate or meat, this stylish red cast iron hot pot set is very durable.
Keeping the contents warm while using minimal fuel, it is equipped with adjustable flame function and buffering device.
£ 30, Tesco, buy it now.
Le Creuset cast iron hot pot setThis Le Creuset cast iron hot pot set is suitable for all kinds of food-sweet or delicious-is an improvement to any kitchen.
If you want to know, brackets and pans can also be used for all the heat sources of various preparations.
£ 120, Selfridges, buy it now.
Staub red fondue setThis cherry red cast iron fondue set from Staub is if you host any informal get-
Party in the new year.
You can enjoy cheese or meat hot pot with six forks.
159, Harrods, buy it now.
Boska Twinkle candle fondue uses a tea light, a lower maintenance method for heating hot pot.
Boska is also one of the manufacturers of cheese products, so you can rest assured that this set of cheese products is of good quality.
Small restaurant Mall, buy it.
The VonShef rotating hot pot collection VonShef people really considered the practicality of sharing hot pot and added a turntable to their collection.
It also comes with a bowl so you don\'t have to lean against the table to get to where you soak.
It is a striking dark blue and a great center of the table.
32, Amazon, buy it now.
Smart Fondue SetIf you want to try fondue but don\'t want to spend a lot of money to try it, Smart set is a budget friendly version that can do the job.
It is electric, which makes it easy to use and adds convenience to the shared board around the pan. £14.
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