the origin of rare alkali metals in geothermal fluids of southern tibet, china: a silicon isotope perspective

by:Petolar     2020-07-25
Geothermal waters from Shiquan River half, Dahe and Chuanliu hot springs-
Yalu, Southern Tibet (China)
Rich in rare alkaline metals (RAM).
However, there is still a heated debate about the concentration mechanism.
Here we report the first silicon isotope data of these geothermal waters to reveal the origin of the extreme RAM enrichment.
Sintering precipitation in spring vents and water
Rock interactions in deep reservoirs control the separation of the income and expenditure of silicon and silicon isotopes.
Speed of water-
Rock interaction and sintering precipitation at three spring sites were reduced in sequence half and sequence half, respectively.
Classification of silicon isotopes during sintering precipitation (i. e.
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