Think small for big rewards when hiking or traveling

by:Petolar     2020-09-08
You need very little packing space to get from the detangling mini-
Brush with snapshoton cover;
A vest with air
Use evaporation cooling to adjust your dog;
A comfortable backpack, compressed to lemon size;
There is also a large water bottle rolled into the pocket. size.
Touted as a small travel brush for space
The alternative to saving is rarely achieved.
Tangle Teezer compact stylist has no handle, just a small kidney --
The bean-shaped solid plastic base sits in the palm of your hand.
A strong but flexible needle brush combines hair with long and short teeth to smooth the skin of the hair.
The brush is equipped with a matching plastic cover and clicks in place on the bristles to prevent dirt.
Tangle Teezer can also comb the beard.
The brush has a variety of colors and interesting patterns;
Is there a flamingo?
Cost, message: Your dog is hot if you are hot, but he can\'t take off his coat, the cost of Tangle Teezer Compact Styler is $16.
Ruffwear\'s lightweight swamp cooler cooling vest thanks to three-
Layer design using evaporation to simulate sweating cooling effects.
Simply soak the vest in cold water, unscrew the excess clothes and cover around the dog, and secure it on the side using a quick release clip.
When the gray mesh outer layer deflects the incoming light and produces a steaming heat, your friend can calm down for hours
Released from the reservoir of the absorbent polyester intermediate layer.
This process draws heat from your puppy, through the drying of the vest-
Woven mesh lining.
Higher heat and humidity will speed up evaporation, so you may need to \"charge\" the vest from your water bottle or Creek dunk.
Cost, info: There are six sizes for The Ruffwear swamp cooler cooling vest for $59.
95A light backpack for hiking in the woods or exploring a new town
Free joy, it can provide a convenientof-the-
Impromptu way shopping bag.
The Bindle Daypack at Trek Light Gear is just 3 ounces spacious and sturdy.
Made of parachute nylon, this bag is a spacious 18-by-12-
There\'s a wide double inch on your back. zippered 14. 2-liter-
Hidden zipper security pocket with capacity main compartment and valuables.
The soft and wide adjustable straps can help transport up to 40 pounds of the cargo.
When it\'s empty, daypack will compress it into something lemon-sized and put it into its own buildingin carry pouch.
Cost, information: Bindle Daypack in seven colors costs $34.
95 travel with refillable water bottles is not allowed
But choosing a good one requires attention to detail.
Bottles should be durable, lightweight, easy to clean and made from materials that do not dissolve harmful chemicals (
Such as double phenol a or neighboring benzene ester). The new 25-
An ounce of Nomader water bottle, but only 7 ounces in weight, rolled into a pocket --size packet. The screw-
Lid, mouth and 1. 9-inch-
Diameter mouth made of rigid BPA
Free polypropylene plastic, 2-inch-
High slip sleeve, when you drink, it can prevent the bottle from collapsing in your hands, and even if it is empty, it can make the container stand upright.
The hinge-style pot mouth cover uses an integrated twist knob to prevent dirt and lock the seal.
Nomader is frozen and the dishwasher is safe.
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