tie dye designs & instructions

by:Petolar     2020-10-15
You can change your boring white T-
Shirt and tie-dye into colorful fashion statement.
Tie-dye allows you to decorate your shirt with a variety of beautiful design options.
Some of the most common tie-dye patterns include Knots, folds, helices, electric bunches, rose knots, and stripes.
Each pattern requires a different approach, or fold, twist, or tie the shirt before tying it and applying the dye color.
While you can create many designs with tie dye, I would suggest starting with a traditional bull --
Eye design before entering more challenging technology.
Pour the powder dye of each color into a separate water bottle.
According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, add a proper amount of water to the dye powder.
Cover each bottle and rotate until the powder is completely dissolved.
Put the dye aside. Lay out your T-
Shirt covering work area.
Pinch the shirt in the middle and pull it up.
Wrap the first rubber band 2 inch from where you pinch your shirt.
The first part will be the center of the bull eye.
Wrap the second rubber band 2 inch below the first rubber band.
Continue adding rubber bands every 2 inch until the entire T-
The shirt turned into a long package.
Wear plastic gloves.
Spray the dye to the wrapped T-
Squeeze the bottle to the fabric to be saturated with dye to make the shirt.
You can assign dyes no matter what you choose: you can make each ribbon part a different color or an alternative color.
Make sure to add the dye to all sides of the bundle.
Sit the dyed shirt for four to six hours.
Rinse the shirt under cold water.
In a cold or warm cycle, wash it in the washing machine and hang it out to dry.
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