Small portable juicer


A stylish and high-value small portable juicer, its appearance is fresh and beautiful, highlighting the role of high style, in the remarkable planning, let the juicer cup show the charm of fashion and style, is the urban crowd It is not the second choice, its raw material planning is in place, it gives you a kind of enjoyment of heart-to-heart talk, its multi-functional method makes you feel more love, and its electric method can be described as a leisurely conversation, which belongs to your quality choice. , Full of happiness.

The high-quality raw materials of the juicer cup bring a sense of conversation. Its high-value appearance highlights the role of fashion and style. Its comfortable raw materials and full of happiness. And its wireless portable juicer cup, complementary food, crushed Ice, mixing, milkshake, etc., squeezed on the go, super battery life, food-grade raw materials, corrosion-resistant, not fragile, one-key automatic cleaning, go out with you, health is always accompanied, the fresh color in the juice cup highlights Out of a high style, you are indispensable, with a feeling of heart-to-heart talk, is your good partner, can be described as quick and leisurely.
The multi-function juicer cup is so simple and delicate. The 40S fast juicer, silky taste, and quick to talk. The diamond four-leaf blade of the juicer cup, at 15,000 revolutions per minute, is fast in the juicer cup. Talking, make you feel more enjoyable, its big lighting method, squeezing 10 cups of juice at a time when full power, its freshness and beauty, full of high style effect, unlimited nutrition and vitality, immersed in juice days, colorful juices, give you one This kind of vitality is always with you, adding some ingredients to the day, and the raw materials in the juicer cup show a high quality, which is your indispensable.