Vita Mix Soup Recipes- How to Make Soup with Your VitaMix Blender

by:Petolar     2020-10-03
What is the VitaMix mixer?

VitaMix is a high performance mixer.--xa0It was touted as four times faster than a typical blender.--xa0I guess most people bought a VitaMix mixer to make juice, smoothies and ice cream.--xa0But do you know that you can make hot soup in your VitaMix mixer?!
William G.In 1937, Bernard, a successful home product salesman, launched the first mixer.

.--xa0In 1949, Bernard realized the power of new media television at the time and booked a 30-minute program on local television.--xa0This is the first advertisement!
VitaMix is the most popular blender in chain restaurants such as Chicago®And use it at Starbucks®Baskin Robin®Franchise.--xa0It is used by food chefs around the world.--xa0VitaMix can freeze and distribute solid ice cream, grind grains, cook soup, and make creamy smooth juices from the whole fruit and vegetables.

I\'m starting to be interested in VitaMix because my natural therapy wants me to drink juice once or twice a day according to a specific recipe.--xa0The juice didn\'t taste good, but the juicer took up a lot of space and it was really messy to clean up.--xa0I went to Costco to see a few demos of VitaMix.
Good juice.--xa0The demo staff carefully used fruits and vegetables in the mixture, as VitaMix was more of a liquid substance and would not separate the pulp to be discarded as the juicer did.--xa0This is seen as a benefit due to the supply of fiber and nutrients from the pulp.
Ice cream is also good.--xa0The guy threw something very unusual inside to replenish the nutrition, like a little yellow pumpkin and some cabbage.--xa0Despite the vegetables, they taste like ice cream or frozen yogurt.

The juice and ice cream were impressive, but I was surprised by the tortillas soup.As it happens, VitaMix\'s powerful motor is four times faster than a normal mixer and can also run for five minutes or more without worrying about the motor burning down.The friction of the ultra-fast blade lasts for 3 to 7 minutes, generating heat that allows you to choose a lot of steaming soup.
In the tortillas soup recipe, you mix it with chicken or vegetable soup for five or six minutes with other ingredients.The guy used hot water and broth for the demo, so it would be faster.His version is slightly different from the recipe.He used all the usual suspects like tomatoes, carrots, celery, onions, bell peppers and a little bit of jalapeno.He threw a small piece of cheddar cheese and a few tortillas.He then turned the mixer down and threw a little chicken and some tacos.At last, he drove the mixer very low.

Than a general mixer.He sprinkled some black beans and corn, which were not corn skins, but distributed to the whole soup.How\'s the soup?Are you familiar with this phrase? It\'s awesome, it makes you want to slap your grandmother in the face?
I included a video of the VitaMix lady who was showing the VitaMix, including her tortillas soup version.I like her telling about the health benefits of all ingredients.

.There are 57 soup recipes!
There are 38 recipes for VitaMix soup that come with VitaMix 5200.They believe that five of them are in preparation and are starting to finish in the VitaMix container.I say more than five recipes meet the requirements.If I have to peel something or do some preparation, I guess the soup is still made without extra cooking.However, some recipes do need to be cooked or before cookingCooked food like roast chicken and baked potatoes.Other need to chop vegetables in VitaMix and then put in a frying pan to fry©Then put them back in the blender with the remaining ingredients.
The video in this section is made by VitaMixTV and shows the tomato basil soup.She baked tomatoes and herbs in the oven and finished the soup in the blender.
This is Amy Wong\'s chicken, potato and cabbage soup.She mixed it with rosemary, chicken soup, boiled potatoes and milk about three or four minutes later.She then added more cooked potatoes, onions, spinach and a mixture.At last she added the cooked chicken.
This green vegetable soup from Dara Dubinet is a raw soup that seems to be just processing vegetables instead of heating them.Temperatures below 118 should not destroy beneficial enzymes.Of course I hope my soup is warm.
She starts with water and adds kale, celery, dill, coriander, parsley, spinach, lemon and avocado.The soup is dotted with Chiya seeds and nutritious yeast.
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