We all use 170 plastic water bottles a year: Nearly a third admit using bottled instead of tap at home while consumption is also up among children

by:Petolar     2020-09-06
According to OnePoll, nearly 30% of people admit to using bottled water at home.
The new study found that the consumption of bottled water for children in the UK is growing, with an average of more than one out of five children () aged 4 to 18year-
Although bottled water is cheaper and easy to buy, older people mainly drink bottled water instead of tap water.
According to research by the Marine Conservation Association (MCS), this number is much higher in some parts of the UK, which highlights the damaging environmental impact of using disposable plastic bottles with water filtration company BRITA.
2 (37%) of children in nearly 5 parts of Northern Ireland mainly drink bottled water. Around 12.
There are 3% children in Yorkshire and Huntsman.
The number of children in the northwest mainly drinking tap water (62%) is more than half of adults in other parts of the UK (54%) said they would consider using more tap water to reduce environmental pollution, however, 32% of people buy bottled water, but they don\'t think bottled water will be contaminated by recycling.
According to a market survey conducted by Mintel last month, bottled water sales increased by 25% from 2015 in 2010.
Dr. Sue Kinsey, senior pollution policy officer at the Marine Conservation Association, said that disposable plastic bottles in the oceans and coastal areas pose a threat to wildlife, especially when they begin to break down.
They increase the micro-plastic load of the ocean and can be eaten by animals at all stages of the food chain.
It takes 162 grams of oil and 7 liters of water to make a one-liter disposable PET bottle, equivalent to releasing 100 grams of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas
This means that plastic bottles used at one time can have a significant impact on pollution even if they are subsequently recycled.
A spokesman for the Natural Hydration committee said: \"Water is one of the healthiest ways to hydrate, and both bottled and sparkling taps should be encouraged.
Consumption of bottled water and tap water has increased, although 60 people still have less than one drink per day (tap water or bottled water ).
More than 90% of bottled water sold in the UK is a natural source, which is one of the reasons why consumers choose bottled water, as well as taste and convenience.
Bottled water is the packaging beverage with the smallest impact in the soft drink industry, whether judged from the carbon footprint or the water footprint, because there is no agricultural water input and limited water treatment input.
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