What\'s Cookin\' / A store that gives new life to old kitchenware

by:Petolar     2020-10-07
Those who venture into cooin for a secondThe handmade kitchen shop in San Francisco may feel like they stumbled across a scene from The Wizard apprentice.\"The vintage mixer sits quietly on the floor in front of the counter.Deeper dark, shops with few windows, actorsAll the colors of the Rubik\'s Cube, the iron Dutch oven, stand in the high heavy tower.Exquisite rare clay products in Franceoff corner.It is easy to imagine that after the store is closed, all these items will come back to life, dancing a loud dance and returning to their place when the day comes.When some people pay tribute to a favorite personBook or record store, dedicated chefs worship on crowded, cluttered aisles in the store, drifting between avocado or sky blue bunts pot and Pyrex casserole for decades.Although some objects, such as beforeMicrowave with plug Campbell soup heaterPitchers are tools for collectors and most of them are tools for real chefs.Shop owner Judith carminsky is constantly scrambling to reserve the store\'s favorite equipment, stop at a trade show to buy samples, visit real estate sales, and go to Europe as much as possible\"Something sells faster than we can,\" she said .\".Something bigger than 4-For example, a well-shaped quart Le Creuset Dutch oven.Cast-There is always a demand for various types of iron pans and frying pans.Kaminsky receives new items every day and every morning registers, cleans and marks inventory before the store opens.No matter how dusty and mysterious the store looks, karminsky can keep up with the trend of food.In her 20 years as a boss, she saw a lot of things coming and going.\"Martinez and hot pot have been back for five years.\"They are still coming back with a heart of revenge,\" she said .\".\"Swedish meatballs and Viennese sausages are also not far behind.\"Of course, a trip to the back of the store will find stalls dedicated to hot pot pots, Martini cups and cocktail utensils.Kaminsky eyes wide on the latest trendsShe called it the \"label du jour\" pans basin in a pot bowl.She prefers tin.But admit all the copper.The stainless steel pot of Clad is easier to care.Food fashion may change, but the store\'s customers have not changed much over the years.\"We have the same customers in a larger age range,\" carminsky said .\".Most of them are young professional couples, gay and straight.In the early days, the store was discovered by the Society of San Francisco, although it needed to travel to Cole Street, which was located in 1981-1986.Many of her original customers will still come to shop or gossip.\"Most of the ladies are there now,\" carminsky said .\".\"They would love it if I had a parking lot.\"New customers don\'t realize that they often get free consultation when they visit.Carminsky is a former professor of literature and a knowledgeable chef and baker.Witty, condescending.When someone walked into the store, she immediately asked them what they were looking.If shoppers seem unsure about the recipe, she will provide cooking advice and even convince them with gadgets they don\'t really need.Although it is far from the famous tourist attractions of the city, cooin\' got a lot --of-Tourists visit the town on their own.Carminsky thinks the news she gets is just \"because we\'re so weird \".\"There\'s really nothing special about this place.The thrift store mainly provides concave aluminum burritos and 25-Coffee cups for cents.Higher-Used shops and antique dealers may have a couple of gorgeous copper pots that look great, but not many that can be used to assemble a meal.Coo \'has all kinds of old-Old-fashioned tools like food factories.This hand-Recently, the pioneers of the mixer and food processor have come back to fashion as it will rot tomatoes and berries and filter out the seeds.Messi\'s basement or Williams.There may be several types of Sonoma, and Kuhn has an old mill.Some are old, wobbly, but still functional-And those charming red wooden handles.Elsewhere you will have a hard time finding treasures such as blue and white French ceramic pans that can only bear a little heat.Carminsky says they are perfect for cooking where you need to look at the colors, such as caramel sauce.She took out some new 1ú8-and 2Ú3-Measuring Cup with spoon-shaped bowls.Not only is the size unusual-Although it is often mentioned in recipesBut the shape of the cups makes it easy for them to dig and measure at the same time.Carminsky got a long list of wishes from the customer and kept that in mind during her reconnaissance trip.What most customers seem to be looking for is powerful but individual objects.While today\'s standard Osterizer mixers have less elegant plastic bases and faster speeds than mountain bikes, Osterizers at 1940 and 50 have a hive --Molded metal base, streamlined glass bowl and a speed: mix.The people you found in Cook still do that.\"They are the last,\" carminsky said .\"\"Wiring is very simple and easy to fix.The motor will exceed the line.\"All the mixers are tested, repaired and guaranteed by the local electronic repair shop.However, the store doesn\'t carry much in terms of electronics, just because not many people are still repairing small appliances, any repair costs can be prohibitive.This means that carminsky\'s resources are decreasing.Some auction houses have been closed and Marin flea markets closed in 1995. The Marin flea market used to be a good source.Kaminsky still gets some samples from trade shows, but he says there are fewer travel sales reps that can be purchased as companies merge.Customers in the store sometimes delay because of the price.After all, most things are used, they say.A few years ago, I was surprised to find that I had a goodwill price tag at the bottom of the tin pan I picked up at the store.The price of goodwill is half what I paid.I put this down to paying for carminsky\'s knowledge.Think of it this way: she goes to be kind (or is more likely to buy from someone who is kind), so you don\'t have to do that.The price also depends on the goods.A new Pyrex 2-The price of the cup glass measuring cup is $5, the same as the price of the retail store.However, if it is not sold before you get there, other items are cost effective.A used 7-Good condition quart Le Creuset dutch oven starts at $127A new retail store will cost about $175.They can last 30 to 40 years, says carminsky.Is there anything she likes? She secretly hoped that no one would buy it?She admits that if this happens, she just takes them home.At the moment, however, her own stove is on sale.In renovating the kitchen of her Haite district apartment, she did not have the space for a beautiful old French stove that she had bought a few years ago.The stove, which costs $5,000, is the most expensive thing on the floor, but has never been assembled.Half at the back of the store and the other half at the front;There are other items.\"The label is not really visible.\"I kind of like to look around,\" she admitted .\".\"I really didn\'t hide it,\" she added with a pleasant smile.She motioned up half-way, a gorgeous piece of painted tiles covered with green and pink floral patterns.\"Not beautiful?\"Different metals used in pots and pans are judged for their conductivity or heat transfer capacity;And their activity, or if they have an adverse reaction to certain ingredients or moisture.Coo \'offers the following types of cookware, with some tips from owner Judith carminsky.Copper.Copper is the preferred metal for carminsky because it is the most responsive to heat and is great for fine sauces or stir-fried dishes.Because it is easy to tarnish, special care is needed.Copper pans are usually lined with tin, stainless steel or other metal.Cast iron.Cast iron is a good conductor that provides even heat, but it takes time to heat or cool.It needs to be seasoned because it is easy to rust and can react to acidic ingredients.Enameled cast iron.Le Creuset, France, specializes in the production of this material because it retains heat, so it is perfect for slow weaving and baking.Enamel coating prevents metal reaction and adhesion.If you buy a used enameled wire castingIron piece, check if it has cracks or scratches, especially inside, it will get worse to use.Stainless steel.Stainless steel is very easy to care for and is the lowest active in metal.However, it is not a good thermal conductor.Therefore, it is often layered with aluminum, iron or copper, which may make the pot very heavy..Cohn, 339 divisadro Street.(Between Oak and page), open on Tuesday-Saturday noon to 6: 30m., Sunday 1--5 p.m.Closed Monday.Call (415) 861-1854.
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