why do i need a portable blender?

by:Petolar     2020-10-03
A small mixer sounds like a complete waste of space.
However, have you considered the benefits of reducing the device?
Depending on your lifestyle and home size, portable mixers may just be one thing to reduce cabinet space and use only what you really need!
In addition, many people are priced between $20 and $60, which is more attractive than buying a larger model for hundreds of pounds.
Is it just you, or are you and the rest of your family?
If so, do you really need that huge super electric mixer that has been collecting dust in your cupboard all the time?
Think about how many times you have spent the last six months.
Now consider how much capacity you use.
You may find that when a small mixer is enough, you usually only fill in half.
By using the larger, you are wasting the storage space • running the power of the larger Motor • staying in the unused part of the blender container • Your Time, because you have to spend more time cleaning larger containers • money you have for larger Blender sizeIf even if you don\'t use it to accommodate, you still think you need that big mixer, have you ever thought about what other appliances you might have that could easily be replaced to justify the use of a small mixer?
You have any of the following: a food processor helicopter (
Hand or electricity)
If so, you have just eliminated many uses of your large mixer.
Why not take that old thing out of the cupboard and get some cash!
Big mixers tend to cost more because you pay for the extra size.
Put ads online or in local newspapers, sell them, and use some of the profits to buy a small blender.
The rest, you can use whatever you like!
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